Kanaloa Grand Opening with Lemon Hart Rum

Welcome to Kanaloa

The Tiki Texan and the brothers of the T.I.K.I. Knights were invited to the grand opening of Kanaloa in Downtown Houston.

Carl Chargois, Tyler Barrera, and Max Vrahimis entertain the crowd

There was a pre-opening event presented by Carl Chargois of Favorite Brands and Max Vrahimis of Lemon Hart Rums.  Together with managing partner Tyler Barrera, the group discussed a bit about the history of tiki, the history and current status of Lemon Hart Rums, and the concept behind Kanaloa itself.

Tyler says “We felt like there was a definite need for a tiki oasis in downtown.  The Heights has Lei Low, but there was just no tiki vibe like it anywhere else.  And we felt that if you’re going to go tiki, you’d better go all in!”

They’ve spent the last several months completely gutting the old Market Square Bar & Grill, hired excellent custom designers to capture the tiki spirit, and have transformed the place into a perfect hidden tropical oasis.  The vibe rocks!

But it’s not the vibe that makes or breaks a tiki bar.  It’s what goes ON the rocks that counts.

Lemon Hart Rums

Lemon Hart was on hand to make sure the drinks lived up to the vibe.  Max Vrahimis came from Miami to present some of Lemon Hart’s finest selections.

Max Vrahimis describes the Lemon Hart going into our cocktail samples

Max says “Lemon Hart is one of the only rums called for by name in many of Trader Vic’s and Don the Beachcomber’s classic tiki drinks recipes.  Lemon Hart 151 is the legendary “Gold Standard” sought after and coveted by rum enthusiasts worldwide. Blended to exacting standards from select high proof Demerara rums and barrel aged in the tropics for 4 years, Lemon Hart remains the epitome of an exceptional rum.” #Rumalways

Tyler Barrera shows off some of the rum selection at Kanaloa

The doors officially opened at 4:00 PM.  The steady crowd kept Kanaloa filled all night.

Thirsty patrons on the maiden voyage
Chris Morris mixes up some aloha

The drinks were great.  The T.I.K.I. Knights got the privilege of ordering the very first tiki bowl served at Kanaloa to get the party started.

Their bowls are AMAZING!

T.I.K.I. Knights enjoy the first ever tiki bowl at Kanaloa, presented tableside by Chris Morris

If you’re hungry, Kanaloa has teamed up with OhMyGogi food truck to have yummy Korean – Mexican fusion foods, prepared on premise.

The OhMyGogi crew, ready to slay your munchies!  #ohmygogi

They even offer Beyond Beef selections, if you prefer to eat plant-based, like The Tiki Texan.  The Beyond Beef Street Tacos were crazy delicious!  Tyler plans to have food service even late night while the bar is open, so if you are downtown after the restaurants close, you know where to go for food and grog.  Navy Grog.

OhMyGogi crew serves up street tacos for the guests

All in all, much fun was had.  Kanaloa has it all, and is a solitary tropical island in downtown Houston.  The Tiki Texan feels like it will be around a very long time.  Help prove me right.

Stop by, say aloha to your work day, set sail with a tropical delight, and tell ’em The Tiki Texan sent ya!

Lemon Hart , synonymous with tiki

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