Consider having The Tiki Texan host your next private party, tiki night, or corporate event with one of my themed courses.  All excursions can be tailored to your specific time allotment and vision.

  • The History of Tiki
    Explore the fascinating and often disputed history of the Tiki Culture
    in the United States and beyond
  • The History of Rum
    Journey with the early European explorers to the exotic Caribbean
    and discover along with them this amazing spirit in its many forms
  • The History of Spirits in America
    Hear the intriguing tale of the importance of spirits in the colonies, and the
    disastrous effects Prohibition had on the industry, still lingering today.
  • Spirits of the Caribbean
    Discover the nuances of the various spirits used in the crafting of
    tiki cocktails – gin, bourbon, vodka, tequila and rum – and the unique character
    each adds to the drink
  • Exotica Music Appreciation
    Escape with famous composers such as Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter and more to mythical lands with the music inspired by tiki itself.
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